St. George’s Village Seniors Housing Cooperative

We are a community of cooperation.  We aim to promote standards that will protect each individual and the entire cooperative in providing pleasant, attractive and quality homes.  We ask that each resident do his or her best to respect the rights and feelings of all other residents in the cooperative. 

About Us

St. George’s Village was built in 1990 with the first occupants arriving July 1, 1990.  St. George’s Village is unique because it combines affordable housing with outright ownership for seniors in the form of an equity or market value cooperative.  At the time St. George’s Village was developed, equity cooperatives were very rare. 

The Co-op is geared to seniors and an age restriction of 55 (for one member), applies.

The Cooperative is governed by the Cooperative Association Act and the Rules of the Association, filed with the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations on August 28, 1989.

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