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We are a community of cooperation.  We aim to promote standards that will protect each individual and the entire cooperative in providing pleasant, attractive and quality homes.  We ask that each resident do his or her best to respect the rights and feelings of all other residents in the cooperative.

About St. George

Our History

About Us

St. George’s Village was built in 1990 with the first occupants arriving July 1, 1990.  St. George’s Village is unique because it combines affordable housing with outright ownership for seniors in the form of an equity or market value cooperative.  At the time St. George’s Village was developed, equity cooperatives were very rare. 

More information about St. George's Village

The St. George’s Village Seniors Housing Cooperative is governed by the Cooperative Association Act and the Rules of the Association, filed with the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations on August 28, 1989.

St. George's Village is geared to seniors and an age restriction of 55 for one member applies. 

Volunteering is a necessary part of cooperative living and all members are expected to volunteer by joining a committee, becoming a board member, or helping out where they can.  Volunteering helps keep living and operating costs low and affordable.  

There are a minimum of 3 Board of Directors to a maximum of 7  which include a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and 4 Directors.  We have several committees including; Social, Gardening, Maintenance, Interview, and Blockwatch committees.  Each committee meets monthly and their committee chair reports to the Board of Directors.  The committees are responsible for making recommendations to the Board.

Maintenance fees are currently $375.00 per month, including contingency reserve and reviewed annually as part of the budget process.  This cost includes bulk cable.  Maintenance fees cover items such as maintenance supplies and contract services, gardening landscape contract, waste and organics pick up, cable, metered water, office and management fees, legal and audit fees, and general expenses.

Monthly Contingency contribution from the Maintenance fees is currently $62.96 per unit and these funds are re-invested at the best rate each redeemable year.

A General Meeting is held in October to vote on the proposed budget and any policy changes.  The AGM is held in February to elect directors and accept audited financial statements.

*St. George's Village is not a 'rental co-op or a Care Facility'.

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